Monday, April 16, 2012

A Dream Peddler Indeed!

Waking up suddenly and finding
myself engulfed by darkness
Was it true or just another
That noise! What is it?
Relax! Its just the calendar pages flying
The constant whirring
of the fan reminds me
that this is reality
No dreams accepted here please

"What did you say you do?"
Everyone looks at me startled
"A dream peddler indeed," say some.
"After all she's only sixteen
We all went through that phase, didn't we?
She's just influenced by Lenon and Dylan"

"How much do you charge per dream"
    ask the Oracles in the room
"You must learn accountancy
before starting this business
After all correct pricing is
important," and they laugh.

And suddenly I face the stark reality
You're living in a selfish practical world
GIVE UP your ideas, you're no
    Messiah, compromise
And then I remembered a
line by Richard Bach
The only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.

~ Reshom Ghosh (now Majumdar)


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