Monday, March 26, 2012

Sail on, Sail on, Sailor!

"You sit on the shore; the boat is tied to the post;
What are you waiting for, O Sailor?
Do you expect anyone to come?"

"Far is the other shore, frail is my boat,
I wait for a stranger who goes my way to give me a lift."

"Alone and lonely is the sail across the sea
Sail on, sail on, O diffident sailor,
Waiting for none and hoping for naught."

"The sail flutters high and the helm stands ready,
What are you waiting for, O Sailor?
Why don't you move in?"

"Turbulent is the sea and unfavourable is the wind,
I wait for the waves to subside and winds to favour."

"The waves subside not, nor the winds favour,
Sail on, sail on, O hesitant Sailor,
Waiting not for favours but braving it out."

"The boat is in motion wafted up and drawn by the waves,
Why remain in the shallow, O Sailor,
why don't you go into the deep?"

"It is all dark, I can't see my way
I wait for the dawn to give me light."

"Your heart is the light and your instinct the guide.
Sail on, sail on, O lingering Sailor,
Waiting not for dawn but moving in quick."

- from the book Waves of Devotion by Swamini Saradapriyananda

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