Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Religion

You asked me "what is my religion?"
Now what if I say I have None?
You'll be wrongly impressed
And unduly distressed
So wait I have only begun.

My creed in the sense that you mean it
Has no single symbol or sign.
Big, impressive, or small,
There is good in them all,
So perhaps your religion is mine.

My doctrine is any that stands for
The honor and virtue of men.
For whatever we preach,
We'er all striving to reach
A mutual goal in the end.

My church is the one that is nearest
Wherever I happen to be.
The place where men go
Their devotion to show
Is good - and sufficient for me.

What matters the Name on the mileposts
That stand by the path that you trod?
If the pathway leads up
Then at last you shall sup
With the infinite army of God.

~ Dale Wimbrow

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