Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Balloon

Give me a red balloon on a long black string,
And I'll be richer than any king
With my red balloon on a long black string,
I can whistle and I can sing.

Laughs are many and tears are few
Life's exciting and always new
In a world of girls and boys,
In a world of simple joys.

Give me a paper kite on a windy day
And I think I'll fly away,
With my paper kite on a windy day,
Oh, yes I'll fly away.

Give me a warm spring day and an apple tree
And there is nothing that I can't see,
When I look out from my apple tree,
Look up there and you'll see me.

- anonymous

from the International Fellowship get-togethers organized by Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City, IA. evenings from which i always returned renewed with laughter and happiness.

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